Not Having Xbox Series X Exclusives Right Away is Great for Consumers


The brain power from commenters in this thread is weak beyond belief. It’s clear why most people commenting on this article aren’t PC gamers, and why you need a device which only has an off and on button, and is never meant to be opened up or upgraded. Essentially, consoles are PCs with training wheels, which is perfect for most of you.

People who purchase the Xbox Series X, will get the best visual experience, along side high end gaming PCs. People who don’t buy the Xbox Series X, will play new games at lower quality graphics settings, and in many cases, the graphics settings will be far lower (and so will the frame rates).

It’s the same reason why you would purchase a GeForce RTX 2080 TI (13.4 Tflops), verses a GeForce GTX 1660 TI (5.4 Tflops). The RTX 2080 TI allows for 4K gaming on ultra settings at or around 60 FPS, while the GTX 1660 TI is a 1080p GPU, which would play games at 10 FPS on ultra 4K settings if you’re lucky.

So if you want 4K visuals with the best lighting effects (Ray Tracing), the best textures, the best physics, and the highest frame rates, then you buy an Xbox Series X. However, if you don’t want to play games in native 4K, don’t care about texture detail, Ray Tracing, or frame rates, and only care about playing games on your 1080p resolution TV, then don’t buy a new console.

Xbox Series X will cater to enthusiast gamers, which eliminates most of the commenters in this thread anyway. In the mean time, Microsoft still gets all of the software sales from the people who are interested in their games, no matter what platform they’re playing on.

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