Instagram is making its gender selection options more inclusive

Instagram has announced that it is revamping its gender selection options for public profiles. The gender selection is what allows a person to state the gender they identify as in their profile for example, male or female. But currently the app only allows for those two options plus a third that says “not specified.”

This will change in an upcoming update. Soon, Instagram users will be able to select a custom gender option including trans and gender nonconforming. Instagram says the move is so the app can be “more inclusive and reflective of how people self-identify today.”

Instagram users can expect to see the new gender options rolling out this week in time for Pride 2019. The company is also supporting the LGBTQ+ community by releasing a guide to online well-being and self-care aimed at LGBTQ+ teens, which spotlights the tools that can keep them safe and supported on the platform.

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