Google Tests Package Tracking Directly In Search With Opt In

Google is testing an early adopter program to let shipping companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS and others integrate their tracking data with the search company. This would allow Google to show the status of the package directly in search, as opposed to just showing a link to go to the shippers website to check the status.

Here is what you and I would see now:

Here is what you would see if this was integrated:

Yea, you wouldn’t need to leave search to see the results.

Truth is, I don’t know if shippers want people going to their web sites to track the status of the shipment. Why not let Google take most of that bandwidth? Maybe I am wrong?

In any event, this seems to be opt in by company. Google said “Through the package tracking Early Adopters Program, which is available in all countries, shipping companies can sign-up to participate in this feature and give feedback on how to improve it. To take part in the program, a carrier will need to provide a RESTful JSON or XML API that returns the package tracking information. We can work with you to reuse an existing API or setup a new one.” Here is the interest form.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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