Driver: Kylo Ren Is Not A Good Boyfriend


The new “Star Wars” trilogy has inspired many things, amongst them the online shippers who have to romantically (and sexually) pair every character combination they can think off in stories and memes from Kylo Ren & Rey, Finn & Rey, Finn & Poe, Poe & BB-8 and so forth.

Arguably the most interesting new character of the trilogy has been Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren/Ben Solo, a Darth Vader wannabe with a hair-trigger temper. He’s a character whose back story and eventual fate has been one of the most debated by fans.

Now, in a new Rolling Stone interview, Driver says despite his vulnerabilities Kylo Ren may not be so easy to redeem which is what makes him so interesting. Even so, don’t expect him to make a good love interest for any character:

“There’s something in having an antagonist who is a little more vulnerable. That seems to be more relatable and human than just someone who is a psychopath. I mean, of course, I’m sympathetic to him and I understand. But I can see on the outside, if I analyzed it, which I don’t, that someone who’s killed his class doesn’t really seem to be good boyfriend material.

He’s almost like a spoiled rich kid who has to evolve into something. He’s following his path of finding who he is. You might have had to metaphorically, or in this case literally, kill your father to find out who you are. To be your own person, at a certain point you have to claim it. But then again, we never really figure out who we are.”

Check out a new TV spot for the film below. “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” opens on December 20th.

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