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How Small Robots Help Farmers

Agriculture has been a prominent part of human life since ages. Like other areas, the agriculture sector has also evolved with time. Advanced agriculture technology has replaced traditional methods of farming. Today, small robots are

Bill Gates Funds Tiny Robot Surgeons

Dr. Robot Vicarious Surgical’s plan for healthcare sounds like a twist on “The Magic School Bus.” Take a tiny humanoid robot with two arms and a camera where its head should be and place it inside a person’s body through a small incision.…

Getting a grip on human-robot cooperation

There is a time when a successful cooperation between humans and robots has decisive importance: it is in the precise moment that one "actor" is required to hand an object to another "actor" and, therefore, to coordinate their actions…

Japan’s Roadmap for Flying Cars

In a move to get airborne vehicles off the ground in Japan, the government last August established the Public-Private Conference for Future Air Mobility. The group is made up of two government agencies, several universities, and 22 private…