Called Login Notifications,Facebook has announced a new login feature


Facebook has announced a new login feature which will apparently deliver “users even more control over their information.” Called Login Notifications, the feature will send a notification to users when they log into a third-party app with Facebook Login.

Facebook says that the feature will be triggered every time a user logs into a third-party app using Facebook Login and grants access to their information. Users will also be sent a notification when they re-use Facebook Login to log into a third-party after the expiry of the app’s access to their information.

“The design and content of the Login Notifications remind users that they have full control over the information they share with 3rd party apps, with a clear path to edit those settings,” Facebook writes in its blog.

Image: Facebook

The said notifications will be sent via users’ associated email and on the Facebook app. The notification will include details of what all information has been shared with a third-party app. In the notification, there will also be an ‘Edit Settings’ button, which will give users the ability to remove the app’s access to their data.

Facebook says it is taking “active steps” to honor user information privacy. “We will continue to test additional user control features in early 2020, including bringing permissions to the forefront of the user experience when logging into a 3rd party app with Facebook Login.”

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